Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Luke, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Luke

    Luke New Member

    Just curious to see if anyone still about on here?
  2. Grivage

    Grivage [dSRC] Member

    Still come here every week or so as its still on my favourite bar right next to LFS :eyepop:

    I often wonder what everyone is doing these days instead of racing.

    Then i realise that its 10 years since the hey-day and i wonder where the hell the time went :confused:
  3. Luke

    Luke New Member

    Been thinking exactly the same Griv, 10 years has gone ridiculously quick! Would be great to do a reunion or something but doubt it's possible to get everyone back. What are you playing these days? For me it's mainly Assetto Corsa, but nothing seems to have bettered LFS in the online department.
  4. Ian.H

    Ian.H Administrator Staff Member

    Hi lads!..

    I got my G25 back of Ash last weekend.. haven't seen it in well over a year.. decided to hook it up today... only played with some AI, but really enjoyed the new Westhill National layout with UFR mainly (some XFR too)... I'm thinking of firing up a server again and see if we can get some people back together again. I even thought about creating some new skins again :eyepop:

    I _seriously_ miss S1 days personally... had such close racing back then on BL1 with TBOs.

    Rockingham ISSC is quite cool (yes, I paid for S3 today too.. never thought I'd be doing that!).. but IMO, the new Westhill layout is far better (who says we need real tracks!? although I'd love to see / drive even a vague replication of Brands and possibly Pembrey).

    As for gaming for me, not been any of it at all for years really.. life kind of took over with web dev stuff and family life. Occasionally I play Virtual Pool 4 (offline), but that's about it.

    I'll try and get some time this weekend to get Wine installed on one of my Debian boxes here and see if I can get a server going again and will post something up here :)


  5. Ian.H

    Ian.H Administrator Staff Member

    Hi all..

    We're back in business! :D

    [dSRC] Battle Grounds #1 server is up and running (much easier than I remember last time.. it's also no longer running on a PII 350mhz box :yipee: ).

    Currently defaulted to WE1 with UFR+XFR. Need to look up the commands and settings to allow things to be modified.. but we're there nontheless :D

    Being valentines day tomorrow.. I doubt I'll be around, but maybe we can organise something for an evening?


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  6. Eza

    Eza [dSRC] Member

    Tiny reminder to Griv and Luke also, check Members only forum for our yearly catch up thread to keep up with all the goodies :D
  7. Grivage

    Grivage [dSRC] Member

    OMG the members forum :faint:

    I'm such a goon - no wonder its so quiet out here
  8. Luke

    Luke New Member

    Don't have access to members only as I left dSRC in the end :/
    Will install LFS on the new PC and hopefully see you guys on there soon :]
  9. dodo.ger

    dodo.ger [dSRC] Member

    Hmm, i wanted to make a joke about writing from the grave, but i think that comes over better spoken. :D

    I still check in once a while too (obviously), but yes, long long time ago this LFS business.

    I also had Knicks wheel here a month ago or so and did drive a bit myself, but as i didnt see anyone around i gave it back...

    Besides normal life business i am playing League of Legends for years already. I would be all for a get together, i have to get the wheel back first which needs some planning. Let me know!

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