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Discussion in '3D Warehouse' started by Krautracer911, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. Krautracer911

    Krautracer911 New Member

    Hi, i downloaded a DS render scene , now i have an Error "Unknown Class, No stand in. Super ID 0x9012.

    What is the reason ? I am using 3DS Max 5
  2. MorroW

    MorroW New Member

    Ian H. scenes is done with Max 7.0. So I think that you max 5.0 can't work with
    those scenes :(

  3. Ian.H

    Ian.H Administrator Staff Member

    Yup.. morrow's right, unfortunately, scene files aren't backwards compatible and as I made these with v7.. they'll only open in v7 or v8 of 3DS.

    At some point, as time permits (which isn't much right now :( ) I'd like to export the models as plain .3ds versions which can then be imported into any version of 3DS, the only disadvantage of this is you'll need to build the scene lighting yourself, which is really the hardest part to get right in any scene IMO.. but obviously compromises have to be made sometimes.

    Is there any model in particular you're interested in KR? If so.. I can probably export 1 or 2 as .3ds files for you for the time being :)



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