GTR Evolution anyone?

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  1. Eza

    Eza [dSRC] Member

    As topic says, does anyone drive this? :)

    I had short test earlier and IMO nothing special, just Race07 with added content. ISI engine still feels odd comparing to LFS and iRacing :)

    I like full detail Nordschleife tho :cool:

    EDIT: just noticed I posted this to wrong forum :doh: But as it's race07 expansion.. It got close enough :D
  2. mr_x

    mr_x [dSRC] Member

    I'm still awaiting my copy of it... Should have it within the next few days though. :)

    We're doing an open track day at Syncro-Racing on Nordy in a couple of weeks time, see info here:

    I think we're doing a 'bring your friends along too' thing... Or that was the plan but I don't see it in that post. I'll let you know :p

    Basicly just pick a car and go for a spin!
  3. Ian.H

    Ian.H Administrator Staff Member

    I have an "extended trial version" of it, but not tried it yet.

    Chris.. does this come with IGA like race 07 did? If so, it'll be another no-no title for me apart from the offline version :(


  4. Bladerunner

    Bladerunner [dSRC] Member

    ROFL..Thats a good way of putting it! As it happens, the last game I _bought_ was down to enjoying the single player mode so much that I just HAD to play it online, which needed a "unique" key :) (CoD 4 btw!)
    Always Hamachi ;)
  5. mr_x

    mr_x [dSRC] Member

    I can't say I've noticed it at all, but being an addon for RACE07 it probably does, but if you're worred about it being spyware/adware, it isn't in the slightest. It's selected ads provided to simbin (i think) that 99% of the time you don't even notice. The content comes from Simbin servers - much like the server lists, infact from what I know they come when you're getting a server list, so it's not even noticable. Everybody gets the same ads at the same time... Even then I've not even heard of the ads changing at all in the last 6 months due to it being quite a failure! :p
  6. Ian.H

    Ian.H Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Chris. Unfortunately, I won't be taking the risk then and will stick to my offline version(s). To put it simply, I _won't_ accept IGA, whatsoever, period. I'm no-one's statistic. I'm sick to the back teeth of advertising where I can't avoid it, or spend hours rectifying it so I don't see it (DNS null zones / adblock / spam filters etc). The game looks pretty good, but not _that_ good.

    A shame.. they realise starfarce is a joke.. then use steam (arghhhhhhh!!) and now a different kind of sleaze. What happened to the days when people made a living from selling the game they created and not having to rely on 3rd-party advertising? All that _really_ says to me is that todays games ain't worth the bytes they occupy and that the world is becoming more and more fucking greedy :shrug: but that'll be nothing new to many of us I guess.

    The problem is, if all these people who apparently (or apparently not as it actually seems) hate forced advertising boycotted such titles, the gaming industry would have to rethink their strategies. Unfortunately, (hardcore?) gamers are about as non-gullible as Win98 "security experts" :rolleyes: (not pointing fingers here, just my general feeling about the majority of the gaming market).

    I'll stop digging this hole now and may try my extended trial period some time. I most _definitely_ don't feel any remorse or whatever about using it. Hopefully it helps put them out of business :evil:

    Sorry B.. don't trust hamachi either.


  7. polepositiondriver

    polepositiondriver New Member

    Its been one of my favourite games,
    I've been a huge fan of the WTCC 87 series, in particular I love driving the Alfa Romeo.

    Its easy to say that Live for speed is more realistic, but I still find that for realism beyond just how a car handles that GTR evolution does a great job at simulating other aspects of a race such as a great sense of speed, more realistic Ai and a racing championship to which you can take part in.

    I feel that Live for speed feels like your on our own too much unless its multiplayer. The sound effects in live for speed aren't quite as solid as GTR evolution

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