CMX importer for 3DS 6, 7 & 8

Discussion in 'Downloads' started by Ian.H, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Ian.H

    Ian.H Administrator Staff Member

    Hi all,

    Many thanks to bluespoon for writing this plugin for 3DS to enable people to import LFS .cmx meshes into 3DS :D

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  2. MorroW

    MorroW New Member

    Haha, another thing to test :)

    I will try this out later...sometime :-[
  3. tristancliffe

    tristancliffe New Member

    How does this differ from the CMX importer already out for yonks?
  4. Kryten

    Kryten [dSRC] Member

    Exactly what I was thinking. ;)
  5. Ian.H

    Ian.H Administrator Staff Member

    It doesn't :p

    Sorry for any false hopes.. but decided to post a copy here for download (thought I already had previously, but obviously not) as I have a few things simply for convenience for anyone happen to be looking and I was clearing out one of my old download dirs where this archive was :)

    The title only includes '6, 7 & 8' as the original archive was named '*_max6' but it works for >= 6 so I just thought it'd clarify it for anyone wondering (especially as bluespoon had tried to write a newer version that failed with DLL issues).

    Anyways, nothing different to the one people have been using forever, but now an alternative / additional location for download :p


  6. shago11

    shago11 New Member

    Where i put the .DLI ?
  7. shago11

    shago11 New Member

    Forget This, i solved this.. thanks

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