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Discussion in 'LFS InSim Discussion' started by Ian.H, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Ian.H

    Ian.H Administrator Staff Member

    Hi all :wave:

    I've put together a few external apps for use with LFS, but I'd really like to get into InSim coding too. One issue however, I've never really done any networking within C++ before.

    I've read through Scawen's spec and a few bits of code on LFSForum, but I just can't seem to get anything to compile, let alone actually work and seems most people are coding in m$ .NOT which I have no interest in trying to learn.

    Does anyone have some _really basic_ info / examples / snippets that may help me get my head around all of this? A basic working sample of a simple connection and message would be a great start for me as I could analyse the code and learn what each part is doing. I'd really appreciate any info at this point :nod:



  2. hackerx

    hackerx [dSRC] Member

    Well I could send you code of my InSim prog, not sure how basic it is though, and it's plain C. I have coding of that paused ATM and not sure if I ever resume, but it works.
  3. Ian.H

    Ian.H Administrator Staff Member

    Hi h..

    That'd be great if you could! I know _some_ C too.

    If you could either mail the bits to me at ian.h@dsrc.digiserv.net or if easier, upload it via FTP to here and let me know the filename, it'd be much appreciated :)



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