Battle of the Teams

Posted on Sun 26th Aug, 2007 by Ian.H

Battle of the Teams - Event 1

The latest Battle of the Teams event is underway with [dSRC] Michel and [dSRC] Bladerunner entering the first round at Blackwood GP Reversed, both running in the XRG.

Michel took 7th position and Bladey took 17th placing dSRC 19th overall after the first event.

Congratulations to both drivers who represented themselves and the team very well!

For further info and statistics for this event, please see the official BOTT web site.


Midweek Challenge Cup -- Kyoto National -- November 15, 2006

Posted on Mon 18th Dec, 2006 by tiny

Midweek Challenge Cup -- Kyoto National -- November 15, 2006

MCC banner

This week's racing brought the action to Kyoto, with drivers once again getting into the machine that is the FOX. Those of you familiar with this particular series of circuits will know full well the dangers racing here, fast corners with technical chicanes and banked curves. This Session saw the National configuration in use for the first time in the Midweek Challenge Cup and it was destined to provoke the best and worst from the competitors.

Qualifying -- With Qualifying underway at 8.30pm GMT, racers had 20 minutes to get a good lap in. It wasn't long before the times dropped below the 1.40 barrier with ocr.Vince making the first breakthrough at 1.39.84, followed by [dSRC]eckh at 1.39.73, and Senna making a strong showing with a 1.39.87. With an almost full grid of drivers, things were going to be interesting. Vince was quick to respond to eckh's time posting a 1.39.50 allowing him to retake the pole, but eckh pushed the bar even higher mid session with a 1.39.30. This proved to be the fastest time set in the session, with Vince managing to claw his time down to 1.39.41 and Senna with a very respectable 1.39.84. The rest of the field swapped places and everything was pretty damn tight in the top ten. Everyone looked to be prepared for the next two sessions or were they?

Race 1 -- 17 laps (Must pit)

With Practise and Qualifying stages over, it's time to get the show on the road and racers take their relevant positions on the grid. The green light comes and off they go headlong into T1 with the top 6 all jostling for an advantage going into the potentionally deadly chicane. [dSRC]eckh holds his place, ocr.Vince takes a wider line to get more exit speed, but Senna tries to be too fast and with tyres still cold can't slow down enough. He locks the brakes, and slides slightly offline, just enough to give ocr|Vince a knockout blow heading him deep into sandcastle country with nothing but a bucket and spade.

A little further back and we see ZWR|T.Laas's rear getting a little wild and he cuts into the path of vMaxKeiran. He seems to control the impact at first but his car is pitched to the right coming out of the turn and ZWR|M.Morris is too fast and shunts him from behind. Meanwhile, ZWR|R.Hoiting and ZWR|T.Laas sneak through on the inside closely followed by [dSRC]Grivage and [dSRC]dodo. ZWR|M.Morris's car is now spun 180° and [SR]Tongey finds himself heading straight into the side of it, but he'd braked enough to minimise any serious damage or loss of control a...